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Brijwasi Sweets Menu

   Pure Ghee Sweets – Motichur Ladoo, Ghaver, Ice Halwa, Badami Halwa & more
Made from pure ghee (extracted from milk) with the use of cereals like besan, aata (flour), maida, pulses, etc. and thereafter decorated with pure dry fruits & silver foil.
Shelf Life :
3 to 15 days in good hygienic conditions at normal room temperature with maximum 40% humidity.
Do not refrigerate.
   Mawa Sweets – Chocolate Burfi, Mawa Burfi, Kesari Peda, Sancha Peda & more
Made from pure mawa i.e. concentrated milk solids mixed with sugar & different kinds of ingredients depending on the variety of mithai. dry fruits, saffron, cardamom, pure chocolate, coconut powder, etc.
Shelf Life :
24 hours to 7 days good hygienic conditions between +10 C to -10C.
Semi-perishable sweets
   Milk Sweets – Kalakand, Chirava Peda, Malai Dhodha, Golden Cake & more
Made from pure milk, sugar and dry fruits & silver foil.
Shelf Life :
24 hours to 3 days good hygienic conditions between +10 C to -10C.
Perishable sweets
   Bengali Sweets – Rosagulla, Gulab Jamun, Rasmalai, Malai Sandwich
Made from pure milk, sugar, dry fruits & silver foil. These are highly perishable sweets & need to be refrigerated at all times.
Shelf Life :
24 hours, most of them should be consumed the same day.
Perishable sweets
   Dry Fruit Sweets – Kaju Katli, Badam Katli, Pista Anjeer Roll, Kaju Chocolate Roll & more
Made from dry fruits, sugar & silver foil.
Shelf Life :
5 to 15 days at room temperature.
   Crispy Namkeens – Special Mixture, Dalmoth, Moongdal, Chiwdaoll & more
Made from various cereals, pulses, dry fruits, potatoes, banana, coconut, corn flakes & many more along with number of spices, salt, chilly, sundry special masalas & oil.
Shelf Life :
8 to 90 days at room temperature with maximum 5% humidity. Always keep in air tight containers away from sunlight to keep crispy.
   Snacks – Punjabi Samosa, Kachori, Dhokla & more
Made from various pulses, maida, flours, potato, onion, fresh vegetables, paneer, dry fruits & different fillings fried in different kinds of oils.
Shelf Life :
24 hours to 2 days. Most of these should be consumed the same day.
   Beverages – Masala Milk, Kesari Lassi, Thandai & more
Made from pure milk, sugar, dry fruits, hand -picked condiments.
Shelf Life :
2 to 8 hours, always need to be refrigerated and or freezing temperature.
   Brijwasi Special
Motichur Ladoo Kalakand Special Namkeen Mixture Malai Dodha
Amrut Peda Kaju Katli Badam Katli Gulab Jamun
Anjeer & Khajur Sugarfree Rasmalai Rosagulla Pista Lodge
Premium Dry Fruit Sweets Combo Shrikhand Sunflower Cake Jalebi
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